Coveted 2003 Red Balenciaga!

  1. *faints*
  2. TDF!!!!:love: That's all I can say!!! And from one of the PF's BEST!!! Good luck to you first!!!!:heart:
  3. Getting the smelling salt!:lol:
  4. ^LOL, zac! :lol: Good luck on your auction, first! :heart:
  5. oh my goll! :nuts: :heart: :nuts:
  6. Gorgeous! Good luck firstclass! I'm sure this will go fast!
  7. Wow! That bag is amazing! Good luck firstclass!
  8. Wow, I'm surprised this has been up for this many hours without somebody hitting BIN... beautiful bag, firstclass!! Someone's going to be very very happy.
  9. this is definitely one of those finds of a lifetime........ goodluck first :love:
  10. since there are no more spots left on the rouge vif city wiating list at the nyc boutique, i'm seriously contemplating this. but the bottom of the bag looks really faded and worn... you guys think its just the lighting? she lists the condition as "mint"
  11. It doesn't look faded or worn to me at all. Even the handles look pristine. The older bags tend to have a lot of natural variation in the color and leather texture across the bag - it's not a factor of aging, it's just a part of their charm.
  12. ^ exactly what she said. the older bags have a lot of lovely of natural leather variation, actually that is one of the main reasons why i love the older bags... because they truly look vintage and beautiful :love:
  13. ^^I just wanted to add that there are plenty of other places to find a Rouge Vif City other than BNY. I got mine at NM - and she's perfect!
  14. OMG!!! someone is crazy looking for '03 red here. but i forgot who..