Covet me vs Treasure me

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  1. I have now used the Covet me some days and can now compare it to the Treasure me.

    Yes, at first glance they might seem alike..both are flap bags, both have extra room with a zipper..but that's it!!:P

    The Covet me holds much more than the TM... is much , much lighter..a bit larger and for me it'll together with the WTMessenger be my travel/go to town bag..Furthermore it is a bit more handy than the WTMessenger, because I can keep an extra cardy or so with me without worrying too much about weight:biggrin:

    ..and now I of course wish this design came out much earlier..LOL!!

    But I would like to stress: I still love my soon 6 (four regulars and 2 maxis)..but they are not as good as the Covet me to wear when you want something light..just my opinion!

    One thing I'm going to change: the strap length I did with the Treasure mes..( BE does this with in-stock bags!)..If you have a bit extra hip..ahem.. and like to carry your bags low, the extra length of the messenger strap is great!

    First pic..This little extra pocket is lovely. I don't like too many pockets on my bags..I tend to get lost..but here my car keys fit beautifully!:yahoo:

    Second pic..extra open pocket..the TM does not have this feature and i like it! My phone goes in her and it is very easy to access.:smile:

    Third pic..The Covet me is the shiny thing UNDER the TM..YES,it's that slim!:biggrin:

    Fourth pic..TM on top of Covet..just to compare the size :smile:

    Fifth pic..stuffed with a Kiss me/ AP/ and whatever one carries the Covet has a scarf and some they looked a bit similar in thickness.

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    fifth pic..almost twice as much in the Covet me than in the TM..and almost similar in thickness ( I put extra clothes as a cardy/ scarf/ gloves/a book in it

    My opinion is that this is one of THE best go to town and bag to travel with I have ever had!:biggrin:..ok it doesn't carry files or a laptop!LOL!
    It'll be soo easy to put in the suitcase as an extra bag as well.

    MY EDIT::I will have a live person to pose and compare..haha..

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  3. What a helpful review! What you wrote plus those photos -- including that last one with the Covet's zipper open so it could expand -- now I *get it*!! :yes::yes::yes:
  4. thanks for the great review bonnie!!! sound like a good traveling bag...
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    Thanks..Yes, my mistake ..I was so wrapped up in the versatility of the bag..I should have been more clear about the zipper around the bag, which allows it to expand !

    Not only is this a great travelling bag, but also a bag that can carry less or more depending on what you bring along.
  6. Very nice Bonnie! I really had not considered this bag...until now! LOL! I like how flat it is, but can does look perfect for traveling!
  7. Fantastic, so helpful Bonnie, thank you so much!
  8. Awesome comparison pics! The Covet Me looks like the ideal travel bag!
  9. Thanks Bon, this was useful. I'm now sure that it is too big for me, I'll stick with the Treasure Me.
  10. Thanks for the review and pics! I was super curious about how it compared to the Treasure Me and if I could justify both..I think maybe the Covet Me could be super for me since I sometimes have more to carry with the kids...or when we travel. Ugh, where is my money tree??
  11. Is your Covet Me black shimmer btw? Do you love? ;)
  12. glamourgirl..haha..moneytrees are most wellcome! I find the Treasure me a 'traditional' type of flap bag, and the Covet me a bit more a 'sophisticated' type w/ some more options.The Covet me lies flat against your body..of course not sticking out due to the design..and it's the flap part that will expand lots!

    I have just got the bag, but already adopted this one as my go to town and trvelbag because it is so handy!

    But I can't really compare it fully with the Treasure me, because they are a Rock me to a WTM ..or a Surprise me to a WTMessenger..

    The Treasure me has a fixed bottom in the feature whereas the Covet me is flat..but can expand..and so on..

    AND the Black shimmer! Yes it's LOVE! I am soon recieving the Inspire me in Nutmeg, but your description of the Black helped me to the Covet me..and now a Black shimmer Inspire me is also on it's way!!!
  13. Awesome review, Bonnie and very helpful. They seemed so similar but I can certainly see now why you are loving your Covet Me. I see a new rainbow of Covet Mes heading your way now? :graucho:
  14. ally..LOL..I wish! But with my recent house purchases, I am needing funds for only few bags for me ;)
  15. Bon, where did you decide to buy in the end?