Coverture Agenda de worth it?

  1. hello Guys :smile: well, i'm thinking about buying a Pocket Agenda or Coverture Agenda de Poche, but the question is,... is worth it the price? Here in Italy the price il 130 Euros + 30 for the refils, do you think it's better to buy a normal agenda ? I was thinking about the small one, but being a guy, I don't want big things ...

    Have you got any picture of the pocket agenda to share?
    Thank you so much
  2. i guess it depends on how many things u need to write down, i personally find koala agendas too small for my need, check out the Agenda Club, there are tons of Agenda pix.
  3. i've searched for pics of the pocket agenda but I didn't find any pics
  4. Guys carry big agendas.. but must be a personal style thing... I'm not crazy about the size of the pocket agenda, but it might be just what you're looking for??? damier perhaps???
  5. well, i'm crazy about the monogram Canvas, because i've got every single piece of my LV's in Canvas, so I would buy a monogram Pocket Agenda