Covert Affairs

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  1. It is a little late to open this thread since the season finale was last week.

    I guess no one else has been watching this show. It is a bit mindless CIA fantasy stuff, but I found myself drawn to it every week.

    And I think one big reason was this guy! I love him (well the way he looks!) and his character, Auggie. Anyone else?

  2. i love this show, and i'm sad it won't be back until next summer. annie needs a little more work in the characterization department. she's too naive, and the cia really needs to give her a gun. i love auggie, and even though i enjoy their friendship, i hope they get together eventually. the guy who plays jai is gorgeous!
  3. I agree with you about Annie.

    And Jai too!

  4. LOVE this show! Cant wait until next summer
  5. I watched every episode. Looking forward to January.

    Is Ben going to die? I think Annie would be good with Jai.
  6. I like this show. But I'm a sucker for leads that are female CIA agents or operatives. On the USA website, they said the reason why none of the agents carry guns is because CIA agents don't carry guns. I guess they were trying to remain true that. The show has its problems, but I tend to overlook them because it's a great show for the summer months.
  7. i really enjoyed this show too. it was very entertaining. and jai is hot!
  8. Wow - I just learned something!
  9. Right? I didn't know that either. I was looking for the video clip on the site where a producer (I think) explained that, but couldn't find it. I found this instead: Interview wtih USA’s Covert Affairs star Piper Perabo

  10. but jai always carries a gun. why's he the exception? he's a field agent like annie if not more senior.
  11. The only time I remember Jai having a gun (on US soil) was the episode when Ben came back the first time. Annie was at the docks, and Jai had apparently been told to tail her (assuming that something dangerous would happen). He approached the boats after Annie had fought off the attackers brandishing a gun. I can't remember any other time, though.
  12. I think this is filmed in Toronto. Somebody actually called my work looking to buy some equipment for a scene for the show but i've never seen it yet.
  13. Yup, it's filmed in Toronto, which bothered me at first (the very obvious Subway instead of DC metro they filmed in the pilot bugged the crap out of me), but I'm over it now. :biggrin:
  14. he had a gun in the first half of the season finale. he shot the woman who was approaching annie and the state department aide in london. there was also one other episode where he had it out, but didn't shoot.
  15. I LOVE this show! I love anything with spys and federal agencies, so it meshes nicely with my Burn Notice love affair lol Annie is my hero and Auggie is adorable.