Covering up Hermes??

  1. I was sitting next to a young girl on the #1 train in NYC tonight who to my delight and awe had a black Birkin! But she made a point of keeping her hand covering the part with the gold inscription that says Hermes. Does anyone else do that? What is the point of carrying an Hermes if you are ashamed or afraid? I don't get it. :shrugs:
  2. I sometimes carry mine facing inwards, to avoid unwanted attention...Birkins have become fairly recognizable these days. Or I might carry the barenia one, that is stamped without ink. If I am going somewhere where I don't want the recognition, I will take a Bolide. It's not so much that I am ashamed or afraid, I just don't like being the center of attention.
  3. I tend to do the same on the subway...ever since one day my LV shopping bag got some very unsavory glances
  4. I don't get it either.....I've never seen an Hermes collector who was ashamed of her bag. Usually these women are proud of their handbags. From my observation, they don't hold on to their handbags as if someone is plotting to steal their handbags. Maybe she was an exception.
  5. i doubt she was ashamed--i take the subway quite frequently and depending where I am I turn the bag inward. That being said, I also tuck my ring hand in my pocket or wear gloves in the same circumstances. Its strictly being cautious or discreet when i do it
  6. can't everyone who knows the front also recognize the back?
  7. yes true but somehow the back --with no straps,no clochette , no post or lock seems more anonymous......? i mean we would all know but would someone up to no good? EDIT: I do it only in certain situations .............
  8. I don't think covering up a bag necessarily means they are ashamed of it...on some occasions and in some locations prudence is necessary.

    In the UK in an unsavory location my cousin made the mistake of wearing some expensive (and recognizable) jewelry over her clothing and was mugged and her jewelry stolen...personal safety would be more important IMO.
  9. I sometimes carry my Birkin with the hardware towards my body. It is not that I am ashamed; it is that sometimes I feel too obvious. Before I had a Birkin, I never really noticed peoples handbags. I can carry my Garden Party and my Bolide(just purchased Wednesday) with absolute abandon. I don't know why but I feel sometimes sheepish carrying my Birkin.
  10. Nobody notices here so I wouldn´t probably do that
  11. We were in NYC this past March, and I felt uncomfortable on the subway. I was nicely dressed and so was my family. I was carrying my Gucci hobo with bamboo rings, and I received stares from strange looking people. I didn't try to hide my purse or jewelry, but I was ready for anything.:bagslap:
  12. I don't own a Birkin, yet, but there are some places where I didn't want people to see what kind of bag I was carrying. I wouldn't be ashamed to carry one. I just wouldn't want to "cause a stir".
  13. I hide my Birkin and HAC from some people here at work. They know how much they cost and I want to avoid unwanted questioning.
  14. My friend used to call this "envy pre-emption" .... which is sometimes wise.....
  15. There are certain trains I would NEVER ride on with a Birkin. I was on the N train with a friend coming back from Bloomies and we didn't notice until we got off that her Potiron Birkin had two large, 5 inch blue pen marks on the back. I learned the lesson quickly: Envy is the Birkin's foe during rush hour.