Covering gray hair

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I'm starting to get some gray hair. I've tried to color my hair with the semi permanent ( or rinse) . But it's covering up my gray hair. My hair sytlist just colored my hair this past Wednesday and I can the color is already wear off of the gray hair. She doesn't recommend the permanent color because she said that I might have some hair loss and some damage to my hair. I'm only 38 yrs old and I really don't like having gray hair. Any tips or suggestion will be greatly appreciated for covering gray hair.

    Thank you,
  2. I might consider another color consultation.. The hair color products out today really do not
    damage hair unless one uses a lot of styling tools & hair is fryed or really damaged
  3. I was thinking the same thing also. I'm going to try to find someone that using Chi hair coloring permanent hair color. thank you,
  4. Good luck... just be patient you will find the right hair color product
  5. Thank you. I'll do my best to be patient.
  6. I don't understand why your colorist would think permanent hair color is a problem. At any rate, it's what you really need in order to cover the gray for any amount of time. As others have posted, find a different colorist and you'll probably be really pleased with the results.
  7. Your colourist doesn't know what she's talking about.'
    A semi permanent or rinse does not cover grey hair, it simply makes them shinier!

    I'm 41 and have been coloring my hair for many years. I also have a close friend who is a teacher/trainer for a huge international hair colour company and she has given me lots if advice over the years.

    Firstly, the only way to colour Grey is to use a permanent colour. It may fade a little but using a gentle shampoo will preserve its colour. Your greys will reappear as your roots grow.
  8. In case you are interested in semi-permanent color, there are semi-permanent formulations that are made specifically to cover gray. I am using one now that I like. The color never completely washes out, so after you use it a few times the color builds up and coverage is quite good. I tried using semi-permanent dye that was not formulated for gray and it didn't work, but I like this stuff. I especially like that it doesn't stain skin, so application is easier. Inevitably I get some on my ear or forehead, but I can just wipe it off with a wet towel, good for a klutz like me!

    I think when I get to 50% gray, I'll probably switch to something more permanent, as posters above have suggested.
  9. What is your colouring?
    I've been going grey since my 20s but about 7-8 years ago I started doing platinum highlights so that the grey would be less noticeable as it grew in.
    I found it frustrating after colouring my hair, that the colour would eventually "slide off" the greys and they would appear a different colour, or didn't take the colour as well as the non-grey hair. Permanent colour is the only way to go and I know a few stylists who would argue that colouring your hair actually protects it more than damages it. *as long as you aren't bleaching it
    It's funny, I absolutely love my grey hair mixed in with my ashy blonde highlights. I'm pretty much a blonde now and I'm okay with it. I like to think of myself as the platinum fox. :lol: It's other people who seem to take issue with my hair colour. It's weird.
    However, I'm Caucasian so my hair type and colouring has taken well to the colour change. I know that other races may have more difficulty due to hair texture and colouring etc. I hope you find something that works for you.
  10. It's either a rinse or a semi permement very dark brown or a black color. The color is about two shades darker than my real hair color.
  11. Do you get highlights? They help hide and blend in the greys. I have to now get my hair done every 4 weeks and the greys still start showing through after 2-3 weeks. He has upped my formulas but those greys are stubborn and the regrowth at my part starts showing at 2 weeks.

    You may also need to think about going lighter. I do not like going too light but if I stay too dark the greys stick out. It is definitely high maintenance and expenisve but hair is the one beauty indulgence I won't give up!
  12. No I didn't get any highlights.Okay I'll think about going lighter.
  13. Yes with the rinse my hair was very shiny. My hair looked fuller also.
  14. I tend to forget to drink my water and it causes my hair to be dry. I guess with that and the dying of the hair can cause it to become even dryer and cause some hair loss.

    Thank you for the insight. I will search for another colorist.

  15. Hmmm... I have to disagree with your comment regarding permanent dye being the only way to cover gray!

    I've been coloring my gray hair since high school which is over 22 yrs because I started going gray young. I use semi/rinse to color my gray because I'm allergic to the chemicals in permanent dyes. Needless to say, my semi color works perfectly!!

    In fact, so much so, that I have natural highlights due to the amount of gray hair I have, and i
    get tons of compliments because the grays look like someone painstakingly highlighted my hair.

    Like someone said above, try different products especially the ones that state "for gray hair" and find one that works for you.