Covered Via Paypal/Uk Debit Card?

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  1. Guys im just wondering as im considering purchasing that laptop i made a thread about a few days
    If i pay via paypal via A Uk lloyds Tsb Visa Debit Card Would I be covered Should there be anything wrong with the laptop?
  2. Paypal will cover certain amount ! It will be stated under your seller id that Paypal will cover £150 or £500 etc.
  3. Well paypal and credit cards do offer some protection. It can sometimes be a bit of hard work to actually get anything done.
  4. i'd be inclined to pay with a credit card rather than debit, you'll be better covered that way
  5. hello again fellow devon person ! i often wonder if there are more of us here !
  6. If you pay via Paypal with credit card your credit card company won't cover it as it comes up as cash withraw on your statement! At least in the UK credit card companies do not cover. Therefore it dose not make any difference paying debit or credit cards. Only Paypal protection on your seller's account will cover againts any problems. As long as you are paying amount that your seller has protection with Paypal you should be ok.
  7. i don't think it comes up with cash withdrawal on my statement, in fact, no it doesn't it comes up with the name of the seller .
  8. Strange that it comes up with name of the seller if you pay via paypal?
    My credit card always says cash transfer to Paypal and then they charge high interest rate than normal transaction! I was on the phone with them recently and they said they won't cover any protection for money transfering to my own paypal account.
    Just wanted to let people know that they should always check with their bank or credit card company as every situation seem to be different.
  9. I am not from the UK but I think it is safer to buy with a credit card.
  10. My barclaycard is linked to my pp account and it usually shows the name of the seller on my statement. I'd also recommend only paying via cc, should anything go wrong debit cards really don't do too much as the money comes out of your bank account and they really don't care too much whereas with a cc you are usually covered, even if the paypal protection limit is less than the amount you paid. I only ever had to do one chargeback and it was pretty straight forward (you fill out a form, sent them evidence that you tried to solve the problem with the seller and they refund you, if they satisfied that you've tried everything). hth