Covered Platform Pump? Any1 have it? What do u think??>>

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  1. [​IMG]
    What do u ladies think of this pump? Did any1 order them? I would love to see someone wearing these..thx
    Also, Yay or Nay?
  2. I don't have them (yet, anyway!) but I do like the covered platform a lot!!
  3. Those are the declics. Asha has them and posted pics in a recent post. They are hot, but I am not sure what height NM ordered.
  4. The 130mms look AMAZING.
  5. I think that this declic is the 100mm heel. I have the 100mm declic in blue suede and they look great and are extremely comfy. I also have the black leather declic in the 120mm heel, and I have to say that honestly they are torture, not very comfortable but they look VERY sexy. Here are some photos.
    PICT0003.JPG PICT0007.JPG PICT0053.JPG
  6. The ones on NM are the 100mm/110mm version (depending on how you measure the heel height). The higher-heel version is 120mm/130mm. I tried on the 120/130mm version the other day and it was actually more comfortable than Rolando's. It doesn't look as sharp/aesthetically perfect as the Rolando's (mainly due to the "bun"-effect up front in the toe box) but are more comfortable than Rolando's.
  7. these are Declic 100 mm 4' heel, Asha and I have the Declic 130 mm 5.5 " heel... hope thsi helps ;)
  8. yay !!! you got them :woohoo:... yes, I told you they are hell on heels :lol:
  9. These just got reprioritized (higher) on my list of things to get. They are so sexy. They are totally "f" me shoes, kinda the whole point of Louboutin.
  10. Oh you couldn't have said it better, I was thinking the same thing! Totally "f" me shoes for sure! BUT only in the 120mm heel. If you are interested, NAP still has a size 40 available and I am sure that they will get returns later this week. If you give them your CC info, they will put you on a list so you can get them if anyone returns which I am sure people will be doing since they are not the most comfy shoes.

    The 100mm heel is nice too but much more practical, not as f'able.
  11. I was so happy to get them especially since NAP sold out in literally one day! They are not comfortable at all, worse than 120mm pigalles and decolletes by far!
  12. Foxy, I can't believe that you find the 120mm declics comfortable. Perhaps I got the wrong size because they are just torturous for me :s
    Although that didn't stop me from buying them because they are just so incredibly sexy.
  13. Thanks ladies for the reply. So the ones in the pix from Neiman are the 100 mm heels rite????

    I'm a bit confused...are these comfortable or uncomfortable.
  14. Yes, pwecious, the nm pics show the declic in the 100mm heel. As far as comfort, the 100mm is practical and more comfortable for daily wear. The 130mm on NAP is not as comfortable, but I find it easier to walk in than the Pigalle 120.
  15. ^^ easier to walk in pigalle 120s?! wow.

    It looks like it's up in the air in terms of comfort between the declics and pigalles (120/130s)..

    Yay, congrats! They are incredibly sexy. :heart: (I wish they would have came in blk patent, as well)

    And the thought of these feeling worse than pigalles is a bit comforting since I don't plan on getting a pair.. :p