Covered City in pale rose

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  1. Has anyone seen covered city in pale rose? I saw somebody wearing it but I think it is a fake. Does it really exist?
  2. Are you referring to 06 pale rose? 06 Pale/dusty rose only came in regular hardware. Hope this helps!
  3. It could have been framboise...
  4. I've heard that there is going to be a Pale Rose for the F/W collection ...
  5. I've heard that too! I'm super excited!! Do you think it is already out? If that girl has it, she must be a celeb or something! I can't imagine anyone would already have their hands on it!
  6. Yes, I am referring to the pale rose 06. I am quite sure the one that I saw was a fake since I actually approached the girl and asked from which season that bag came out. She looked rather terrified and replied that she bought last year:sneaky: Maybe she thought that I was about to judge her that she is wearing a fake haha
    Btw I am soooo excited if the pale rose really coming out this F/W. I cannot wait to get the covered city. So pretty!!!:yahoo: