Cover Of Jennifer Lopez's New Single

  1. "Do It Well"

  2. That's a really hot picture. Jen just has this "presence" that you can even see in her pictures.
  3. ^ yup she photographs really well. She always looks great especially the makeup
  4. of luck to her
  5. She looks really pretty but all of her pictures seem to look the same to me?!?!
  6. Nice pic but it reminds of the 80's or like a disco era vibe
  7. ^ i agree. she looks pretty but the cover seems so unimaginative. just another magazine-like photo of her with boring font.
  8. Lol I agree.
  9. Great pic! i agree a little 80s or disco but maybe that's what she was going for?
  10. Great pic.
  11. She seems to be clicking on all cylinders right now & it's great to see that happen for her!
  12. Does she have an English language album coming out?
  13. Yeah, I see what you're seeing. Highly airbrushed and photoshopped as well, but I still like them. :biggrin:
  14. that woman is just too gorgeous!
  15. yes, I found this on :

    Six months on the heels of the Spanish-language album "Coma Ama Una Mujer," which reached No. 10 on The Billboard 200, Jennifer Lopez is returning to English for "Brave," due Oct. 9 via Epic. First single "Do It Well" has already impacted radio stations in New York and Los Angeles. Although the track list has yet to be announced, "Brave" is known to feature collaborations with such producers as J.R. Rotem, Ryan Tedder, Middi Mafia and Bloodshy.