Cover Girl's LAST BLAST!

  1. I'm dying for a review of this one. It's supposed to be like diorshow (same mammoth brush like diorshow and badgal) but better.

    Anyone try it yet?
  2. i've been searching for this everywhere to try (like i need another mascara :graucho:) but i haven't been able to find it yet-so far i've checked a target, 2 duane reades, and a walgreens-will have to try cvs next :smile:
  3. They have been raving about this on You can go there to check out reviews. They have about 70 on this product. I'm going to see if I can find some today.
  4. I'm checking 2 CVS stores today. I'll report back!
  5. So I purchased this. Darn it - I really wanted to like it, it IS a fantastic daytime mascara. Great full glossy lashed - but it seems to be irratating my eyes. boo! :sad:
  6. sorry to hear it was irritating. now, you have me rethinking this. I read about it in this month's allure and have been searching for it.
  7. I like it, it dosnt seem to leave my lashes as full, but they do look long and glossy. I only need a couple swipes to cover all my lashes versus multiple coats. It hasn't flaked or smudged all day, but I dont think it will replace my CG Super Thick Lash or the Professional mascara.