1. too good to be true = fake
  2. 100% fake- Birkins for $1800? Maybe 15 years ago!
  3. Oooh...gotta get me one of those Miu Miu "Coffee" bags... [/sarcasm]
  4. Hello,
    I'm looking for a Mulberry Bayswater in colour "oak" or "chocolate". Retail price (especially here in Sweden) seem to be too high for me. Is it possible to find AUTHENTIC Bayswaters for example on eBay? And how do you know? It seems like high risk gambling!!
    Has anyone tried " "? (in english)
    Someone told me about it, but I can't tell if it's the real stuff or just well made replicas.

    How did you buy yours?
  5. If you see one on eBay, just post it in the "Authenticate this" thread at the top. There are genuine Mulberrys on eBay but also fakes.

    The couturedemode website looks like it sells fakes because you can only buy LV online at eLuxury. So if those are fake the other bags might/could be fake too.

    I bought my bag at the Mulberry store close to where I live, at retail price. Saved up for it. Not cheap, but I see it as a good investment that will last me many years. And I'm 100% sure it's genuine.

    I hope you'll find the bag you're looking for!
  6. Thank you amelie for your response,
    I think I'll do that too, save up and buy at the Mulberry store.
    When you're spending hundreds of dollars anyway, why not make it the real deal?
  7. Life is too short to be doubtful about your gorgeous handbag. And if there is always a tinge of doubt or is not worth any deal you made. I always try to buy on sale, except for the bags that never go on sale. I'm saving now for a Bayswater. If you save $90 a month for 11 months -- you are there. That's a latte a day that you don't buy -- and you've got a Mulberry!
  8. I like your thinking Tropical Gal!
  9. Yeah I'll do that! And afterwards it feels even better since you've made some sacrifices in order to obtain it. Thank you all for your advices !!!
  10. Mind you, Christmas Sale is just 4 months away !!:tup: That's how I got my Bayswater.
  11. where would you get one on sale if you dont have a boutique anywhere nearby??
  12. At ?
  13. i don't think it's legit.