couture girl is back. and shes haute as everrr(:

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  1. bonjourrr(:

    so i havent been posting in a while because of spring break (i was in quebec city), school, my uncle has liver diease and needs a liver transplant, and many other thingss.

    i promise to start posting more(: LOL


    i havent gotten any new LV (or purses.) in the last couple weeks:sad:

    but today my mom got a speedy 35:smile: unfourtuntly, i cant post pictures, cause we are hiding it from my dad in the back of my moms car(: HAHA

    and i ALMOSTT got a grenade epi pochette. LOL- ALMOST got one;)

    basically im looking forward to the grenade epi pochette OR a damier/azur speedy 25 (which ive always wanted)

    opinions wanted(:

    thanks guyss

    -Z :heart:
  2. hmm.

    i LOVEE the color of the grenade,but i already have 3 pochettes. i LOVE the speedy 25 in damier mono and azur, but my mom already has 4 speedys and a mono 25 so im stuck in the muddd
  3. hey sweetie!!!! *hugs* xoxoxo :heart: I missed ya. Im so sorry about your uncle 1st off - all my best wishes and prayers for him.

    2nd, i hope you enjoyed your break and is school! lol..

    I say go for the damier azur 25 definatley!!!!

    muah! glad to have ya back dollface :heart:
  4. gayleee:heart:

    aww thanks(:

    lol. i have no idea what i want nowadays. i basically want EVERYTHINGGG(:

    lol, who doesnt??
  5. i absolutely friggen love grenade!
  6. Depends on what you want them for, right? I already have the 25 azur and have been eyeing that granade online ~ another poster here had pics & it looked very nice. Good for going out or carrying in a larger tote.

    I love that azur though .....
  7. I think an Azur speedy would be the best option for you. Pochettes are a nice fix but a larger bag will last you as you grow KWIM. Glad to hear you are doing well. :heart:
  8. Sorry to hear about your uncle. My thoughts and prayers are with you as well.

    I like both so I am not much help lol good to see you back.
  9. Azur speedy
  10. im leading towards the damier 25.

    enablers needed(:
  11. I'd say the azur Speedy 25 first, as it's more functional imo (I love mine) and then your next purchase get the grenade pochette. I was looking at that pochette too, but my wishlist is way too long! That color is beautiful though!

    Prayers for your uncle that all will go well!!
  12. i have the damier speedy 25 & all i can think about lately is the azur speedy 25. i love that the damier is so worry free so i tote in almost everyday but the azur is so bright & fresh, i need a change from the dark brown.
  13. Grenade epi pochette! I like the lining more! It's alcantara! :yes:

    best wishes to your uncle!
  14. I love the Grenade, I have the Eugenie and I can't stop looking at it! I wish they would make it in the Speedy!

    Anyway the Speedy Azur is so cute esp. in the 25 and you definitely can put more stuff in it than the pochette.

    Let us know which you decide to get!

  15. GET IT NOW!!! :yahoo: