Couture Community, any experiences?

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  1. Has anybody ever bought or sold through them? They currently offer free shipping, the site seems to be new and a bit bare, I checked their TOS, which seem to be OK though they do charge quite a bit for the checking service, so I might not list there, but I also saw the odd item that I might want to buy and take advantage of the free shipping and the money off they offer for a 1st order, does anybody have any ideas how long it takes, etc?
    Usually if a business is new, they are trying to please, but thought I best ask here first.

    Edited to add, the website is

    Just wondering as I look around a lot and never seen them before
  2. Listed a few things, it takes sometimes weeks until something goes live, their commission is up with the VC and Rebelle commission, they don't seem to respond to eMails you send them through the site. They offer to pay into a PP account, so I couldn't find the option, sent them a direct email, they told me it is not possible....

    They seem to have not a lot of items listed, the site doesn't seem to be very busy, they use the same interface as VC (read super uncomfy and the site has tons of bugs, often it gets stuck), so I think I pass on them in the future, they claim to ship into over 55 countries, but that possibly just means they are willing to ship into those countries. I think they might have the ambition to be a big player, but for that they would need a much wider selection to actually attract buyers.

    As for attracting sellers, can't see much of that happening internationally, if your account isn't based in the UK, you have to foot all the charges after their massive commission.

    I'm sure they are nice people but they seem to have this idea and think it will totally fly and they aren't aware that they are competing with much bigger outfits with better selection and don't seem to do much to attract a wider selection of merchandise.