Couture Closures.

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  1. There are certain designs that are important to my bags of choice, one very important factor besides the designer is the Closure. Zippers, Flaps,Magnetic clasp, Buckles, etc.... My preferances is Zippers.

    How about you, whats your preferance ?
  2. i'd have to say it has to have zippers too, actually SIZE! 1 big bag please... i might as well just use a supermarket bag! hahaha!
  3. I must have a zipper.
  4. I like zippers :biggrin:
  5. me too! which is why i don't use my gucci tote as much...
  6. Got to have a zipper or at least a magnetic closure. I also prefer bags with inside pockets.
  7. I like an open top to my bags which is why I like Chanel totes. Even when I do have a zipper I never zip up!
  8. Zippers!
  9. I'm actually scare of bags with open top. I have this phobia that someone will come behind me while I'm walking, stick their dirty hands into my bag and steal my wallet or something. :worried:
  10. Me too!! I think I have a bit of an irrational fear about that from going to school in NYC and now living in DC and taking the Metro everywhere. Luckily, I haven't had any pickpocketing happen (knock on wood) while in NYC and DC, but it happened a few months ago in Boston!

    But anyway, I prefer to buy bags with zippers. If it has an open top, I'd like the shoulder straps to be short.
  11. I don't mind drawstring. At the moment I'm loving kiss locks. I like foldover flaps too. Zippers are good, but I find myself leaving it unzipped, therefore, defeating the purpose. Although, zipper is the safest when traveling, shopping, etc.
  12. Inside pockets are a must. Zippers are a must have, even though I never use them. And the bag usually has to be able to fit two small children in b/c I LOVE big bags :lol:
  13. I don't mind different closures at all. It can be zippers or drawstring or a metallic close. Just not lots of shirt buttons please or anything funkier than the typical closures. I don't mind totes without closures either. It really depends.
  14. Bags must close at the top! I hate open bags. I like the big magnetic snapes the best or the bags with a flap closure. Zippers tend to be a little more work to get in and out of and sometimes end up being left open. You also have to use both hads to zip and with the magnetic closures you don't.
  15. I don't like bags that are a big open void at the top, it just makes me feel like I'm going to get robbed at any moment. Drawstring bags just don't do it for me for that same reason (i.e. robbing potential). I prefer zippers.. but I'm really loving the kisslock too, although you don't see it much on full size bags (the stam and the smaller versions are the exception) !