Coussin or Looping MM? Your advice needed

  1. I'd love advice from anyone who has both the Coussin GM and Looping MM (or either one.) I'm trying to choose and am torn because although the Coussin is so attractive, I'm concerned that I'll be laying it down flat everywhere since it doesn't seem to have a center of gravity that would let it stand up! The Looping MM seems to be the right size and practical as well as cute but I love that raspberry alcantara lining in the Coussin.... My only LV is a Speedy 25, 12 yrs old.

  2. i like the coussin way more than the looping..for some reason i don't like rolled handles when it's something u're gonna put on your shoulder...
  3. I honestly don't think the Coussin GM would be practical for everyday. I see it more as being a compliment to certain outfits at a hip party. The Looping MM is a gorgeous bag that would look great any day or night for almost any occasion. Good Luck!
  4. Both are REALLY cute bags... but the Looping MM seems a bit more practial for everyday use?
  5. ^^^:yes: :yes:
    i like the look of looping a little better...
  6. Coussin GM
  7. My Mom has the Looping MM. Cute bag, but the zippered opening at the top is rather narrow. My mom finds it difficult to reach in and pull her PTI wallet out.
  8. UM...BOTH!!

    okay fine.......i guess i choose they Coussin!