Coussin GM-What will you do???

  1. I bought a Coussin GM like a year ago, only used it for like 5 times. It is too small for me cuz I have a lot stuff. Should I keep it or sell it??? :confused1:
  2. If you don't use it, i would say sell it and go for something you can use more.
  3. yeah, if you aren't going to use it anymore and then sell it.
  4. Agree sell it.;)
  5. If you are sure you will never use it, then sell it.
  6. Sell it.
  7. :yes:
  8. sell it
  9. I always sell bags I don't use... you can always buy another one if you end up regretting selling it. I say sell it and use the money for a bag you'll use all the time. :yes:
  10. sell it and use the money to get a bag that you love! :yes:
  11. I know I should sell it and I want to use the money to get a new one...... But, don't know where to sell it. Should I sell it on eBay? I check eBay but this bag is not so popular, I don't think it's easy to sell it. :sad:
  12. it definitely doesn't hurt to try!
  13. ITA
  14. Let me know if you sell it :smile:
  15. Sell it. Buy something you can use. :yes:
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