Courveture PM anyone?

  1. I'm considering the Courveture PM with the pen holder on the side in the 3 x 4" size. I just want a small thing to jot notes during the day and hold some business cards. Does anyone have one of these in this size who can tell me the pros and cons before I get one? :smile:
  2. I think Perja has one Shopmom...check the (Hermes Styles) small accessories threads...I believe she has a photo of it there.
  3. Thank you, EMNH! Going over there in a hot sec. Wondering how much it holds..........hmmmmmmm........
  4. D - I was thinking of getting one of these, too. I'm a big list-maker (DH HATES it!), so it would be very handy on the run.
  5. Did some one mention a 'list maker'? :p
  6. OMG.....we've got the three Scorpio's right here....all list makers!!!! LMAO!!!!!

    Well? Should we all get one of these????
  7. List making is a scorpio quality? That explains everything..I'm a scorpio too!!
  8. Hey gals!
    EMNH, excellent memory, I do have a couverture PM with penholder.


    It's tiny but if you're a note taker on the run and need something quite small, I think this would be ideal. I have the agenda insert but bought a notebook insert as well (which I have not used yet).

    D, if you have any requests for pics + size reference, let me know, I'll try do it at lunchtime!
  9. Thanks, Perja!!!! I need something small for my 28cm Kelly's and I'm a BIG list-maker too so I was thinking this might just be the thing. I was wondering what else you hold inside? I'd like to use the slots for business cards...what do you think?
  10. i am known as the queen of the list makers(virgo)!
    in addition to papers attached to the outside of my filofax,
    i carry an H jotter, with loops for the silver H pen at the bottom of it.
    it is called cobierta bloc nota caleche, and it is in grained calf.
    i can slip this into the smallest of bags; i need my list with me all the time!
    it is very flat, very handy and has an opening for cards too.
    my original one (which was stolen) did not have a place for a pen.
    this is perfect for us list makers!
  11. Haha, You guys are so funny!
    At this store in town, they sell Pro & Con Pads.
    Hermes would make a killing if they sold some of them in Box and chevre..Maybe exotics? LOL
  12. D, I use the slots for business cards and one CC when I have little space in my bag. It's be great for lists and you could add a carmencita to make it cute!
  13. Perja, that is so cute! Love it! :yahoo:
  14. :love:
  15. Another virgo list-maker here! I'm at the point if I start carrying more lists, I'll need bigger bags.:yes: The only thing that worries me about the couverture is that I think I would always misplace the pencil. I carry a zip-around GM agenda for most of my "listy" stuff, and keep business cards in the front pockets and 3x5 cards tucked in the back pocket. Those 3x5 cards are my most important list accessory!