Courtney Stodden

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  1. Prepare to shudder, people. A 51-year-old character actor who appeared in "The Green Mile" and had recurring roles on "Lost" (as Horace Goodspeed),*"24" and "The X-Files" has gotten hitched to a 16-year-old.

    Yep, 16.

    E! News reports Doug Hutchison married "aspiring country singer" and "former beauty pageant queen" Courtney Alexis Stodden on May 20 in Las Vegas (minors can marry in Sin City with the permission of a parent or legal guardian).

    Bing: Doug Hutchison filmography

    "We're aware that our vast age difference is extremely controversial," the newlyweds said in a statement. "But we're very much in love and want to get the message out there that true love can be ageless."

    Once you've double-checked the age-of-consent laws, natch.

    In a message on his website, Hutchison, who played cruel prison guard Percy Wetmore in "Green Mile" and contortionist-mutant Tooms on "The X-Files," gushes that he and his teenage bride "live together happily ensconced in their Hollywood Hills home with their lil' pups, Everette and Tuna!"

    According to the actor, "2010 was one of the most challenging years of my life," but then "God sent me my sign in the form of an Angel. Literally. She swooped down and immediately captured my heart! I've never felt such intense and pure love from [and for] any other woman in my entire life."

    Oh, and Hutchison has apparently written his memoirs, which he's charmingly titled, "Hey, Guess What? Tom Hanks's S--- Smells, Too! [My Adventures in the Toilet of Tinseltown]."

    Courtney, for her part, has a demo in the works, with such self-penned tunes as "We Are America," "Crazy" and "Car Candy." On her website, she's billed as "Your All-American Girl," and one photo features her wrapped in an American flag -- and not much else.
  2. If that girl is 16 then I must be 5
  3. ^lol

    she looks way older than that!
  4. that is the OLDEST 16 year old I've ever seen... Looks like she could be one of Hugh Hefner's side pieces...

    Her parents must be so proud...
  5. looks like she's 36
  6. What the.......:shocked:
    She looks pretty rough for 16. I would've guessed she was 35.

    Don't even get me started on her parents. What parent in their right mind would allow a teenager to get married?:nogood:
  7. yeah i was thinking 'i dont get it, they look like they match' in age
  8. the Hugh Hefner legacy...

  9. Parents like Kris Kardashian who pimp out their daughters. They probably figured it would not last but hey, maybe he can help her career and get them out of the trailer park.
  10. So true. It's sickening how many parents will sell their kids up the river for a quick buck, or a few minutes of fame.
  11. I just looked at her pictures, and I am not buying the 16 year old hype. She is way older than 16. Don't understand this attempt at a publicity boost. My son is 16. This woman is NOT 16.
  12. 16??? :lolots:


  13. :roflmfao:

    Good one, because I was SHOCKED when I saw her. There is nothing 16 about this girl, from her leathery face, deep fried hair to her fake implants.

    IF she is 16, her parents "approved" it because in the trailer park 16 is about the right age to marry your daughter(s) off.
  14. WHAT??????????......... And they say gays make a mockery out of the institution that is marriage.... and that's an old lookin' 16 year old.....
  15. Who lets their 16 year old take pics like this???.... I would be gettin' the belt.....