Courtney Love, "Love" thread!

  1. For the life of me I can't find a Courtney exclusive thread, so, I thought to myself, BadRomance93, you're a strong, independent person, you can DO THIS! :nuts::yahoo:

    Joking aside, I'll start it off with a bang:

    (despite the "Love" in the title, this is an all encompassing Courtney thread, say what you will, hate on, etc... I just love her!)
  2. Do we love the album cover art?

    Headless Anne Boleyn on the back...

    I love that portrait of Marie Antoinette, anyway, but tie-in Courtney, and I'm over the moon!
  3. Love the cover! Courtney is one of those hot messes I cannot help but love!
  4. This thread will either thrive off of hate, or crash and die sinking, but damn it, I wanted to try! :love:


    ...and if she and Noel Fielding are more than just friends, I'm ECSTATIC! I love him!!!!!:yahoo:

    (Photo credit: Hermes Forum)
  5. Courtney just personifies all I love about the "Rock N' Roll Royalty" lifestyle. She's the couture side of Rock, but she's the grimey side first!

    I know that lots of 'wives of' or 'girlfriends of' wear expensive clothes, but they always seem too 'safe' for me, and that makes me uncomfortable.

    I consider myself a self-styled Haute-Hippie-Rock-Princess!

    We're NOT put together like YOU want, we aren't safe and coherent,*t gets messy, and sometimes lipstick gets smeared all over the place. Life's funny like that...

    All hail the insurmountable LOVE!
  6. ... and if you love the energy Courtney gives me, do read 'Extreme: My Autobiography' by Sharon Osbourne, too. It has the same type of stuff.

    I defy you to turn to any random page and NOT find the words "So I kicked him in the balls.". I DEFY you! :roflmfao:
  7. ^^Will have to find that one!

    I think that she gets a lot of flack because of fans who think that she killed Kurt.

    She and Drew talk with that same "Lalala" cadence to their voices. Perfect fit.

    (maybe the fact that she has the same jaw line as her too factors into that... I'm not a doctor, I don't know for certain) :roflmfao:
  9. It would feel like a personal failure if this thread fails to chart, as it looks like it won't, so I'll open up some discussions:

    Bean recently got awarded to Kurt's mother, now... correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Kurt HATE his mother?
  10. I don't think that he hated his mother. I think that they both had issues. She was a young parent who had to take multiple jobs to make ends meet with him.
  11. What's everyone's favourite track off the album?

    (I shouldn't let it veer into a Kurt thread, should I? My bad. I don't know/care too much about Kurt, so I shouldn't talk about him. My memory served that he wasn't keen on her.)

    ...but really, if there's any thread where one can let their ignorant Jackass colours show, is there no better thread than the Courtney thread?
  12. LOVE Courtney!

  13. I liked her around the time she did People vs. Larry Flynt. She appeared to be clean. When she is sober she is so together and intellegent and funny. Too bad those glimpses are few and far between.
  14. I don't like how she opened her mouth recently about sleeping with Gavin Rossdale when he was already with Gwen... It's obvious this woman needs to straighten herself out (in general).
  15. I can never not love her. Live Through This got me through some hard times. I plan to get a few lyrics tattooed.