Courtney Love - Lady In Red..........Gloves

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  2. She looks terrible, like always.
  3. Eugh!
    Everywhere I look, I see shiny!
    The bag, the shoes, the gloves...

    She sure is skinny though...

    oh and do your best to try to overlook her right breast attempting to escape.. :wtf:
  4. lol
  5. Oh. My. Gosh...

    shes carrying an Anna Sui bag.... eerrggghh!! im jealous!!
  6. She's something else..
  7. I wanna see the cleaned up movie star version of Courtney! lol She looked good during those years!
  8. God this woman is a mess. She was just raving in a recent interview about how she HATED her collagen-injected lips and was glad to get back to her natural lips. She went natural for, oh, a month. And now she's gone back to the nasty trout pout. :rolleyes:
  9. I hope you don't mean the Sid and Nancy Courtney. :p
  10. ick..she looks terrible
  11. :throwup:
  12. Wow...she looks, um...tired??? Oh heck...she doesn't look good at all. There, I said it!