Courtney Here is a pic of the python spirit bag in dark silver!

  1. dark silver python spirit clutch

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  2. :wtf: :drool: it's soo pretty!
  3. Hey - we're twins: [​IMG]

    Congratulations!! Is it from this year? I bought mine in August.
  4. Thanks! its my moms! i bought the same colur and skin in the clutch which i lurve!!!!
  5. Hi Maxter ! its exactly the ame bag - correct urs was part of the f/w 06 and mine was the cruise winter 06 collection - python spirit...
  6. Its beautiful....I saw it at the store today in bronze.
  7. very beautiful!! so nice to see twins.
  8. :drool::drool::drool: *ooo* its gorgeous Soni!!
  9. I am so in love with this bag. It is one of the most gorgeous bags I have ever seen. One of these days I will own one.
  10. I saw a pastel yellow python flap (w/o the tassel) at the boutique here it was SOO pretty!! But not a good investment if you're living in Houston, the python will disintegrate/flake faster with humidity.
  11. this is really gorgeous, soni!
    maxter, i love yours too. your python has a really cool color combo.
  12. Soni, it's so beautiful. I was looking for a dark silver python in a medium or large but they only have it in the small version here in the US, thus I ended up with black. Love, love, love this!
  13. beautiful bag! Love the metellic color
  14. Ugh what's with all these chanel pythons on the forum? They're making me crazy! Need...!
  15. Soni, wow! This is so gorgeous!! Thank you so much for posting the pics, it is even prettier than I had imagined! I really love your clutch too!