Courtney Cox Chanel

  1. Ladies, can anyone tell me which Chanel this is?

    courteneycox chanel.jpg courteneycox chanel 2.jpg courtney chanel.jpg
  2. jumbo flap with new chain
  3. Jumbo classic w/mademoiselle lock and new chain.
  4. Thank you!!
  5. I love it!!
  6. Courtney has got excellent taste!
  7. this is the new jumbo with the new chain and mademoiselle lock but the caviar is slightly different, it's washed a abit more rugged looking, I jsut got it in white. It was $2595. The leather shows scratched more than regulat caviar, but that is the intent. it is also a less structured bag, the bottom is soft. I jsut didn't want you to think it is the "timeless classic" bag. the dimensions are the smae as a timeless classic jumbo, 12x8.5x3. I think it is a more versatile bag, as courtney shows so well, looks great with jeans or dressed up! My Neimans in Scottsdale had one, ask for my SA, Joy, if you are interested.
  8. Agreed fabulous taste, love the chain strap!
  9. Totally a TDF bag, didn't know abt this hot bag until now and I'm going go shopping now!
  10. Oh I love this bag as well!!!:drool: Here is another photo of her carrying it.

    Just to verify...The one she has is black? It looks grey to me. Is it the same type of leather the original Coco Cabas were made with? I have a black one, is it the same color?

    Does anyone know what other colors this comes in? I love the new chain.

    TIA. Sorry I have not been keeping up on the new Chanel styles. :p
  11. Looks grey to me too and looks like the same leather on the Coco cabas bag.
  12. I think it's the same I bought two weeks ago. In real it looks like a washed out black or (dark)grey, but it's described as black.
    At the boutique in Amsterdam they had one in darkbrown as well.
  13. yes, I think it is the same leather as the new coco cabas, the black tends to look a bit of an ashy grey color, a bit grey out in bright light! It came in brown, a dark white and black in the medium, jumbo and e/w sizes. good luck!
  14. She really loves that bag. It is a beauty. She has been photographed alot lately with that eye candy inhand.
  15. Mine is the same as Courtney's and it's on the way to me :yahoo: Yes the colour is between dark grey and black, think about a stone-washed black leather jacket. My SA told me there is no dark brown in jumbo size for shops in HK (where I live), but dark brown and the greyish black are both available for medium size. Not sure if the off white is still in the shop though - the bags are going extremely fast after the release of the pre-fall collection about 3 wks ago. Literally all the new vinyl bags are gone, except some Pocket in the City and 8-knots.