courtney cox bag

  1. does anyone have pictures of this bag in the same color it is so hard to see in her pic's Thanks :smile:
  2. Courtney's is black. It just gives a grayish cast to it because it is distressed leather. There are some pics on here.....will see if I can find a link for you.
  3. need the photo you're referring to please:tender:
  4. is in the picture with the Cotton Club tote.
  5. The pic is right on. I tried this bag on IRL and while it is goreous, it had a bit too much grey in it for me. It isn't a true black.
  6. What do you guys think about it I think it looks like a keeper
  7. Thank you girls for all your help I love it and I am going to get it I think I will use it a lot Thanks for all your help :smile:
  8. Good idea... I found it a month ago, once I laid my hands on it, I had to have it. I got the Jumbo one. It's very versatile, I use it for my everyday bag, for now... until I get another everyday bag :wlae:
  9. OMG....without question it is DEFINITELY A KEEPER!!!!
    I love that bag!!!!
  10. i love it too!
  11. distressed.JPG

    YUP!!:yes: here's the picture that SympathyDuet had the link to of my "Courtney Cox" bag. It is the Jumbo size.

    When I got it and opened the box at first I thought I'd been sent the wrong one cuz it looked black.. and the color listing IS black.
    However, when compared to true black this bag is definately more of a " dark steel grey" I LOVE the color ( I tend to gravitate towards black) and this color would also work with Navy and plums etc... plus it is TOTALLY AWESOME with jeans!! The distressed look and the burnished chain give it just a bit of an edge... It's just GREAT for every day!!

    Pufpuf - I think you'd LOVE IT!!
  12. yes, I have seen this bag IRL, it's gorgeous, something that will last you a long long time...