Courtney Courtney (((( Sigh !!!! ))))

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  1. [​IMG]


    Courtney these days seems to be keeping a low profile. Has any one heard anything about her lately ?

    Hopefully she has quit drugs.
  2. *sigh* I really hope she is staying sober for her sake and her daughter's. Remember that stretch when she looked really poised and elegant, it would be nice to see her pulled together again.

  3. Yeah she certainly has potential.
  4. She is worse than a train wreck! Has she always been this disturbed - I keep thinking of Madonna's MTV interview...:blink: She should be a poster child for some antidrug movement - her poor kid!
  5. Yuck!
  6. Oh dear.... what is she doing to herself. She is SSSOOOOOO talented, but such a mess, it's so unfortunate. I wish she could clean up and stay cleaned up.
  7. poor chile...
  8. I really like the look in the first photo... thereagain, I do a fashion sense different to a lot of people.
  9. Oh, I'll let her off the hook because she's "an artist":P
  10. she's trying very hard to stay sober. she is working on new music.
  11. :roflmfao: me too!
  12. sigh.....
    poor child!
  13. I like her in the first photo, too! :smile:

  14. I agree-she IS a trainwreck and posterchild-antidrug is just the tip of that iceberg!
  15. i like the first photo, too, if it wasn't so ill-fitting on her. the clothes themself are really cute.
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