Courtesy of TaishasMan

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  1. Neat! Thanks!! Taisha is very lucky!
  2. How do I get my hands on some of those!?! Any contact info available?
  3. That link is fantastic. Look at all the croc NPs!!! I am :drool: all over my computer...yellow croc, lavender croc, orange croc....oh my!

    Look there is even a Kamilla pic!

  4. LOL, Lynn! That is Kamilla :lol:!

    I am dying for the White/Silver Architek and the NP Croc in Red :drool:!
  5. OMG those Neurons and the blue and black paillete NPs!!!
  6. OMG!! I really want to get them all!!!! Thanks for the eye candy!!!:tup:
  7. the evitas are GORGEOUS
  8. Buhjeesus! The VP- Verte's and the Architek Nude's!!
  9. OMG I love the Architek in white.
  10. ^ME TOO!! :drool:
  11. omg those crocs! esp the 2 purples! have you ever seen such a gorgeous shoe in your life? wow!!
  12. I love all of the pictures! Thank you so much! I, too, would love a pair of croc NPs, especially in Lavender, which is my favorite color!!
  13. i want all of them!! they are so beautiful....esp the very noeud in blue, the yellow croc NPs, the purple croc NPs...
  14. OMG I think that I have just died and gone to Louboutin heaven. Where is this place that stocks all these fabulous shoes?!?