Courtenay Handle Loops

Feb 21, 2009
Atlanta Ga
Ok, there has been many that love the Courtenay, but are not sure of the loops on the handle. Well I was looking at my new black Courtenay, and the handle has those little leather pieces on both side, you know the ones they put on a lot of bags to keep the handles together. Well in looking at it and trying to figure out why these don't move, I realized that there was a couple little stitches on one side, so I though why not remove them, they were on the inside, so I took a sharp knife and cut them. Now the leather pieces move down to hold the hand down. It did leave 2 tiny little holes on the underside of the strap but you can't see them when you carry it.
Here's a picture of the leather pieces I am talking about.

and here's what the handle looks like with them pushed down, the loops are almost gone.


Jun 21, 2009
I like it with the loops down. great idea. I don't know why coach didn't make them so that they could slide. juliettes' loops slide


Jun 26, 2011
Oooh this is what I was thinking of doing To the loops

What happens when you unbuckle the sides Like I did?

Do the loops hold it nice or fall too low?