Court shows?

  1. So you watch them? Which ones do you watch?
    I like Judge Alex. Not only is he younger and cuter than all the other judges, he’s impartial, and he really tries to make the right decision based on the evidence he’s given.

    Um, Judge Judy, calling someone an idiot for the first fifteen minutes isn’t exactly impartial. We know he sucks, but stop stating the obvious and make a ruling, please!
  2. I love Judges Mathis and Joe Brown. I like Peoples Court, Marilyn Milian makes her point with enough irony and sarcasm-Judge Judy gets old with her tirades. Theres a new one, Judge Maria Lopez; watched it twice and I do not like her at all, and I caught 10 minutes of Judge Cristina while at the dr's last week...seemed ok but I need to see more.