Court orders Wilson freed in teen sex case

  1. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:

    that's ridiculous :yucky:
  2. That's really f*cked up. even rapists don't get that much time!!!
  3. imagine if everyone got jailtime for this :wtf: my school class would probably all have been in prison :roflmfao:
  4. Clearly a law was broken according to the state of GA.
    Unfortunately, this young person got caught up in it & they probably wanted to make an example out of someone.
    What a shame.
  5. whatever happened to teenagers putting their mouths on suckers instead of each other, man oh man.
  6. If the guy was 20, yeah I could see, but they're in the same age group: high school teens. If the law can trust a 15/16 year old with a 3000lb piece of metal on wheels, why does the law not think they are ready to make bad choices regarding sex? Since it was consensual, I think he should be let go. They didn't force the girl to do it.
  7. ^^^ LOL! You post some funny stuff!
    Meant for BQueen.
  8. This is crazy!
  9. I didn't set the law up but I'm going to guess she was not at the age of consent. There is a difference in a 17 year old & 15 year old maturity level.
    I don't think 16 year olds should drive. Because of nieces & nephews, I am aware of several that have died in accidents within the first year of driving. One girl killed 4 in her car, all 16.

  10. thank u life is too short to be so serious:wlae:

  11. yea that is kinda unfair, but i doubt he will serve the entire sentance.

    what is gross is the girl gave someone else a bj before him he should be more worried about diseases.
  12. Ridiculous. Most child molesters don't even serve that much time.
  13. I am sorry-that is outrageous-we are talking about a 17 year old and a15 year old-ridiculous.
  14. Absolutely crazy!!