Courrier or twiggy


which style???

  1. blue courrier

  2. rouille courrier

  3. blue twiggy

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  1. Hi

    They have both styles on sale and I want to get in blueberry. I already have a chloe paddington so i am unsure wether to buy the courier which sits on the shoulder or the twiggy which can be held in the crook of the arm. Your input is appreciated.
  2. Twiggy!
  3. Twiggy!! :love:
  4. Another vote for twiggy!
  5. Yah, here is another one vote for TWIGGY!!!
  6. Wow, they are sooooo different and serve two completely different purposes, and look so different. I have both and use both a LOT. I actually use my Courier more, but that's because the Twiggy has more competition from my bazillion Cities, Boxes and Works.

    If you need to carry a lot of thing and want a bag you can rough up and throw around, get the Courier. If you're looking for an everyday bag with more structure and a more managable size, definitely the Twiggy is more suitable.
  7. I vote for the courier but I am a big bag gal.
  8. Another vote for twiggy. :yes:
  9. Twiggy! Post pics, which ever you choose.
  10. I already have a chloe paddington in tobacco, but i have the chance to purchase my first bbag. Either, blue courrier (i think its blueberry), rouille courrier or a blue twiggy. I really do like the twiggy style but hate the dinkyness of it and the short strap. With the courrier I really like the way it slouches but not the idea that i cant wear it on my arm. Please help! I have until quarter to 7 to decide so 1 hour:s
  11. I'm a big Twiggy fan, so I'd say Twiggy!
  12. I voted for the blueberry courier because I love the color and it would be great to have a hands-free bag for travel, etc.
  13. I agree with citychris! You already have a hand/arm bag so get something you can carry on your shoulder and one that is bigger than your Paddington. The blueberry is a great color!
  14. Voted blueberry because I like the color and the style better than the twiggy.
  15. thanks for your help - i was leaning that way - i have it on hold at the moment so hopefully by 7 it should be mine