Couriers on BlueFly!! $849.18 + shipping!!

  1. They are $1036 on the site right now.
    Bluefly - Search

    Enter code: MISSEDYOU112 for 15% off and the price becomes $880.60.

    Use ******.com for 3% back making it a $854.18 purchase.

    If you are new to ******, they will give you an extra $5 for signing up:

    Final costs= $849.18 for a brand new Balenciaga!! :yahoo:
  2. Thanks for posting Liz :love:
  3. Has the authenticity issue with bluefly and its bbags been resolved?
  4. ^^ yay, i got 1 thursday & it's on the way :yahoo:

    p.s. i'll let you know if it's the real deal once it arrives :heart:
  5. BAMA~ YAY!!!!!!!!! What color?:yahoo:
  6. ^^ black, of course, what else (lol!!!) :p:heart:
  7. ^^LOVE the courier in black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love: :yahoo: :love:
  8. ^^ awe, thanks Zac, can't wait to get her :tender:
  9. congrats!!! :nuts:
  10. Code is not working for me... :crybaby:
  11. yay, congrats aaallabama, I know you love those couriers!
  12. worked last night when I tested it....

    FABULOUS10 should get you 10% off

    OIC...The Missed you code expired on 03/02/07 which was last night =(
  13. Damn I really want one but I just can't I have bought to many purses this month so far. I hope they have some nice ones when I can start buying again
  14. liz, i just randomly tried MISSEDYOU113, which worked!! hehe. My husband hates you right now.
  15. Good to know that code still works.