1. Okay. I'm going on a fairly long trip this summer, to visit a friend in the States. It'll be the first time I travel completely alone, and long-haul to boot.:cry: Sorry - I'm a softie.

    Anyway, in an effort to make the travelling part less :sick: , I'm thinking about throwing some money away on a courier, to use as a carry-on. So for anyone who has one, I have some questions. Okay, one majore question - how does it look when carried as an everyday bag? Is it huge and ungainly, or does it depend how much stuff is in it? If I spend that much on a bag, I'd better be able to use it more than once.;)

    Also, where can I get one? Harvey Nic's in Leeds only has it in Damask, which I don't want cos its a dirt-magnet. And nowhere else locally sells them. So all the Brit b-bag lovers can help me here - have you seen any? I'm really on the fence about this, so any advice y'all can give me would be really appreciated.

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  3. I LOVE the Courier for traveling!!! Frankly, I prefer it over the Weekender (which I used frequently until getting the Courier).

    The Courier HOLDS A LOT OF STUFF!!! So, in addition to your "regular" purse stuff (e.g., wallet, checkbook, cosmetic bag, *whatever*), you can put "travel" stuff in (iPod, Blackberry, etc.). However, I would strongly recommend that you not carry it around with all that stuff once you have set foot on this side of the pond; otherwise, you will end up buying all the anti-inflammatory meds on this side!!!!!

    One of the huge advantages of the Courier is the adjustable Shoulder Strap. You can carry the bag messenger style (across the chest) or a regular Shoulder bag.

    I have used mine so much that it's starting to look like the bags with the 'old' leather ... YIPPEE!

    PS: Frankly, the cheapest would be to buy it here in the States. The GBP is very strong against the dollar!
  4. I agree with CeeJay - I have the courier and I am using it everyday. No its not overloaded but it has plenty inside. I also purchased it to use for travel but it is beautiful and versatile. I also like that you don't have to worry about the handles darkening from hand oils, etc. It is FAB!