Courier...Yes or no?


Jun 8, 2014
Hi lovely tpf members,

I've been thinking about Proenza Schouler's large Courier for a couple of months now after seeing the sale on PS' website. I'm currently looking for a bag that can hold my 13" Macbook Air. The dimensions for the large Courier is 12.5" x 6" x 9" so I think I can *probably* fit my laptop if I stretch out the bag a little bit. According to many threads I've read on here, it is best for me to get a large PS1 to suit my needs. However, I don't really want to spend around $2000 right now (I'm kinda on a ban right now...:P). Should I get the large Courier or wait for the large PS1 to go on sale in the next PS sale? Also, when is the next PS sale? I will be leaving the US this May for around 3 months...

Thank you in advance! :biggrin:
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