Courier -- which colour? Please vote.

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Which 06 courier?

  1. grenat

  2. origan

  3. emerald

  4. black

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I missed out on an 06 grey courier but still have the option of the following 06 colours: grenat, origan, emerald, black. (Marron is another option but I'm not sure that colour is for me -- although when I think about it it's probably more suitable than emerald. Hmm, too late to edit the poll option.)

    Now this has to be a very versatile bag, to be used for traveling etc, withstand dirt and abuse and look good with everything I wear. Not a lot to ask, huh? I have blond/grey hair, green eyes, am tall and wear lots of neutrals ... (Grey would have been perfect but, sniff, was not to be.)

    Alternatively I could wait for the new F/W colours but couriers are getting harder to find and I'm mindful of the price increase too. My concern is also that argent will be too light and anthra too blue ... ???

    Dear TPFers, which one gets your vote?
  2. i voted for black - i have one and use it for travel and dont' have to worry one bit about it getting dirty or showing wear. and black goes with everything! :tup:
  3. Thanks Nicole. Black is def the most versatile and stain/dirt resistant. My concern is that it will look big and masculine. But I am tall ... I should add that I have a black day and LOVE it.

    Do you have any modeling pics to share? I've not seen the black courier modeled by a lady.
  4. i completely zoned out on the black option and voted for grenat, but id definitely go with black. theyre both great choices, both versatile, and grenat is a gorgeous red, probably my second favorite behind rouge theatre.

    but simply put, if i had no couriers and you presented me with a black courier and a grenat courier, id buy the black one.

    you can thank this fierce girl i saw in penn station carrying one on her back for my decision.
  5. I voted for black ... only 'cuz it's my default color. It's what I choose when I can't make up my mind or can't get the true color I want.
  6. I've been really curious about the courier lately- I'd either get black or grenat, but since you already have a black day, I say go for the grenat!

    Post modeling pics when you get it- I'm always interested in seeing how the bag looks on people! What I've seen so far makes me want one!! :smile:
  7. I voted for the grenat courier because I have it, hehe. Its really good for traveling, I use it to carry my books for school and it holds up REALLY well because I have a ton of books I carry, and I beat the heck out of it, so I know personally from using it for 2 semesters of abuse it withstands dirt and heavy objects, wheather, everything.
  8. Grenat. If you wear a lot of neutrals, a little pop of deep red will spice up your outfits. :smile:

    I LOVE Couriers, they are probably my favorite style. I have one in rouille and it is stunning. I look instantly hip regardless of what I'm wearing!
  9. ah i see i'm the only one who voted for emerald. just got my emerald oval last nite and now i am totally in love with the colour!

    emerald will look great on a messenger - dark enough to withstand dirt and definitely offers an alternative to the usual neutrals (black / brown)
  10. i agree with most. i was about to say grenat then i thought you seem to want a greyish the most. you just returned the vert thyme, yes? i'd most likely give origan my vote. i wear lots of neutrals too but cannot make a grey bag work for me. if you think grey's best, then i'd say the origan's closest to the grey you want. i personally would choose origan over grey. hths.
  11. Well, taking into account that one vote should be transfered from grenat to black (don't blow), it's an even race at this stage!

    Glossie, origan is quite different from grey, def much more olive, less neutral. My daughter thinks that's the one I should go for!
  12. I remember seeing your picture -- I think it must have been you. Looks great on you! I have a rouille city, I love that colour.

    Nice to hear you like the courier so much. I was hesitating a bit, which is why I missed out on the grey (it was faulty, that also put me off, although the price rejected the fault).
  13. Lo, nice to hear that the courier is holding up to all that abuse! Is the leather nice on yours? 06 was a mixed bag so I'm not sure how much that should figure into my decision too.

    I have never seen a grenat courier, do you have any modeling pics to share?

  14. i was thinking dolma when i imagined origan. yes, they're all different for sure. i also thought you could consider origan to 'replace' vert thyme. looks like it's between grenat and black now! how did your daughter justify the origan? ;)
  15. Not sure, must ask her. She could imagine me with it and liked the colour. But then a 10 year old is unlikely to choose black or grenat, I guess. :P Although the bag she uses is black, so perhaps I'm underestimating her! :shame: She has good taste for her age. She asked me today if she could inherit some of my bags one day. I guess with 3 daughters I don't have to worry about who to pass my bags on to! :love:

    I understand your reasoning, origan to replace vert thyme. That's kind of how I thought of it. I was even considering an origan day but I think it's the courier I'd really like rather than another day in another colour. Still not sure what to do. Can't quite picture the courier in black (or origan or grenat, for that matter). It's such a lot of bag!!!