Courier vs. Velo... which one is better for traveling/ weekend bag with little kids?

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  1. I'm looking for a hands-free bag for weekends and when traveling with little kids. I had my heart set on the Velo for months, just couldn't decide on the color. Then I came cross our Courier Clubhouse thread ... now I'm really torn!

    Questions for your Bal ladies out there:

    1) Which messenger bag would you prefer? Pros & Cons for both bags?
    2) Are there two sizes to the Courier?
    3) I have never seen Courier on the U.S. and UK pages... where would I go to purchase one?

  2. I have both and I think the short answer for me is that the velo is more structured and stylish, but the courier is more practical and comfortable for hauling stuff (while still looking cool).

    I've been using my 2008 charbon courier as a weekend mommy and travel bag forever, and it is beat to hell at this point but I wouldn't give it up for anything (also the fading and distressing works with the dark brown leather).

    The velo is lovely but I find it doesn't sit on my shoulder as well and it kind of clangs around rather than rest flush against my side like the courier does - if that makes sense. I guess it depends on whether you like a more structured or casual style?

    I don't know if Bal is still making the courier style but there are a few for sale online here:
  3. Personally I would prefer the Velo because it's more structured compared to the Courier. But the Courier is bigger and would hold more things than the Velo. And there's a men's version of the Courier, which is slightly bigger than the regular Courier. GL!
  4. cali_to_ny & cali_to_ny - Thank you for your detailed description of your experiences with Velo & Courier! I'll really need to find a Courier to check it out...
  5. Definitely the courier. I love mine, use it heaps for kiddies, travel, when I want to be totally hands free. It looks great empty but you can stuff it -- it's a big bag. And the strap is adjustable so you can make it sit exactly where it's comfortable for you. And yes, there are two sizes, you def want the smaller one, it's huge already.

    Let us know what you decide and please post pictures!
  6. I'd say Courier too. I have both the Courier and the Velo, but no kids. :P

    The unstructured-ness of the Courier allows you to stuff more into it. For comparison, I'd say the Courier probably holds as much as the Weekender, though it doesn't look too good when it's too full (kinda like a ball). And as mentioned by drati, the strap is adjustable, unlike the strap of the Velo.

    The crossbody strap of the Velo is certainly handy, but many tPFers find it to be too long, which would be a hassle if you have to bend down to pick up your kid, because the bag might end up dragging on the floor. Alternatively, if you wear it on your shoulder via the handles, you have to remove the bag from your shoulder before you can rummage through the contents of the bag (you can rummage through the Courier while it's still on your shoulder), which once again defeats the purpose of hands-free.
  7. I have two young kids and use my maxi twiggy as the mommy bag... I love it! sorry if I'm no help or confused you more :P
  8. I love the courier. Great for travel, hands free bag, fits so much & still manages to drape beautifully even when empty. As Drati & ieweuyhs have already mentioned, has an adjustable strap!
    Good luck with your decision.:smile:
  9. Wouldn't it be tough to find things in your courier? Imagine a panic mommy looking for a plaster :P I would say go for the Velo!! It's such a practical and useful style :tup: Good luck!
  10. courier is very "heavy" cos of the leather. I sold mine. I couldn't find my stuff in there. but i haven't got a velo so i don't know. i'm too short for the long strap i think.
  11. I find my courier to be super light (compared to my velo which has GCH) and don't have a problem finding stuff. Of course, I wouldn't try to find something small like a paper clip in the main compartment, but there are smaller zipper compartments inside and outside where you can put small things. And of course Bal coin purses help keep things organized.:graucho:

    The best part of the courier for me is I can fit all my stuff plus whatever juice boxes, toys and the jackets/hoodies that my kids are always taking on and off (annoying!). :P
  12. Depends on what you prefer;
    (1) a bag that is really, really capacious and deep, looks super-slouchy and casual, and which wraps around your body when you don't over-stuff it(Courier) OR
    (2) a bag that is less roomy, but which still has loads of space, and which gives you the option of carrying it by the handles in the crook of your elbow or on your shoulder for a more dressed-up look at night if you don't want to switch bags, or just to relieve you of going cross-body the entire weekend.

    I personally found my Courier way too big for the needs of my child and myself. The more space I had, the more I filled it, so my Courier ended up being way too heavy and swung all over the place when I ran. Even with small items in separate compartments and pouches, I still found it hard to locate and grasp everything quickly. So, I ended up selling my Courier after using it four times. That's just my own experience, though, as lots of people enjoy their Couriers.
  13. I organise small things in my CP and MU so no problem finding things. Just reach in and feel and you shall find.

    I don't find the courier heavy at all, find it very easy to carry.

    Interesting how we all have different preferences!
  14. I am a guy and I love my courier bag...I have both size...courier and courier extra...I don't think you would want the extra size...since even for a guy it's huge!!!also according to my SA @ NY courier extra only comes in short tassel (men version)...I usually get my courier from Bal NY...they do carry this style often!
  15. You guys are all AWESOME - fellow tPFers!!! By reading all the personal experiences and suggestions, I am definitely at a much better position to make an informed decision.... Now all I need to do is to find a store near me (I'm in N. Cal) where I can try on a Courier.

    Again, THANK YOU so much for sharing with me your pros & cons with both style of bags! As soon as have it (leaning more toward Courier now), will post modeling pictures!