courier vs. extra courier?

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  1. just got my first courier. pretty fabulous, but now i wonder about the extra courier. does anyone have it? i think maybe you have to be either really tall or really petite. would it work on a big-boned girl? or do you think its too too much.
    extra courier owners are you there? let me know what you think. thanks!
  2. Congrats on your courier purchase! I don't own either but have seen an extra courier at Barney's NY and they are ginormous (for me)... But I am five feet flat though...
  3. thanks! yeh, i guess i want the most bang for the buck. (sorta) its prob. too much girl/too much bag kinda thing. i wonder if its alot heavier than the courier?
  4. Haven't got either so can't contribute but am fascinated by this discussion and am going to keep on reading it!!!
  5. The Extra is HUGE!! It's actually from the men's line. I don't think it's much heavier though.
  6. i don't want to be "that (ample) woman w/that bag." you know? but its a beautiful bag. biggers better right? and i'd get more bag for the buck. and i'd never have to carry another bag. and i had too much diet coke today. thanks for the link! i did see the sizes. i have two pieces of paper cut to the size of each bag flopping around on my desk.

    i've made bbag decisions recently and am haunted by my fool :sweatdrop: decisions. (new thread to come). oiy.
  7. I accidentally got a Courier Extra from Bluefly thinking it was the regular. It came 2 days ago and initially when I tried it on empty it looked really cute and funky in a good way. I thought "cool" since I wanted it for travel and that would be a unique travel bag. Well, then when I put just a few items in (not even near how much I'd travel with) it started to sag and literally looked like I had a hefty bag lopped over my shoulder. Wish I had taken pics. It was baaaaaddddd. My husband was cracking up. So needless to say, it was shipped back to Bluefly today. It should arrive back there soon and will probably be back on their site soon. Keep checking if you are looking for the extra.
  8. I recently tried on a courier bag on sale and thought it looked HUGE! It didn't look at all like the ones in the courier/messenger bag photo thread. When I asked the SA if this was reg. courier or large courier she said it was the larger one. Then it made sense. However, it was priced as the regular courier so I'm still not sure which one I tried on. IMO, I think the extra is too big and I'd stick with the regular size courier.
  9. X courrier is huge!!! i think the regular one is a more sensible size, not to mention the sagging issue :smile:
  10. holy cow. you guys are great! (what a nice forum this is too) :tup:
    hefty bag = not cool. thank you!!
  11. when I saw extra courier in the store I was just laughing for 1 was way too big (hehe)
  12. From my point of view......The bigger the bag, the smaller you look:roflmfao::roflmfao:
    plus you can get so much in them....mags to laptops to whatever is deemed essential!!!!
  13. haha, thanks menopausalmama! that's a good point!! ;)
    thanks ladies!
  14. ^^ ACK, me too, and let me just say this, i've 5'2", 110 pounds & i'm not lying when i say i could fit inside the darn thing (lol!!!) :p...i'm telling you, that bag could have swallowed me whole!!! :sweatdrop: