<<<< Courier or the day??/Could I have the colors chart of balenciaga?>>>>>

  1. I'm looking for my new bag.I have to make a decision between courier or the day. I prefer courier to the day ,but I'm afraid it's too big for me.I'm 1.65 metres.

    Regulary , I wear t-shirt with jeans (plants&skirt).Sometimes , mohebian or gypzy.Which is suitable for me?

    Anyway , I 'd like to buy the color that is suit to more suit.I think it's the color like black ,steel etc.My friend suggested antracite,but I've never seen it before. So,I have to find the colors chart here.

    **Sorry, If my English is not so good.

    Thank you in advanced and looking forward to hear the answer.:heart:
  2. Go to Balenciaga reference library. It has all the colors by season and also just by color family as well as all different bag style.
    You can also see thread "photos of you wearing BBag". You will get a better idea by looking at pics of other tPF members wearing their bags.
    Good luck!! I personally prefer day style but I've seen some gorgeous tPF members wearing courier.