Courier or Messenger?

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  1. Hi,

    I am new to the Balenciaga world, and want to purchase a bag that can be worn across the chest with ease. I'm rather busty, so a long strap would be preferable. I've tried what I think was a large Messenger at Barney's, but the bag itself was too big. Is there a smaller version of the Messenger, or should I try the Courier?

  2. Hi there!!

    Well the courier would be fine, but you could also perhaps try on the Men's Day??
    The Men's Day could also be worn across the chest.
  3. The one I tried at Barney's was much larger than the Day, and the strap was so long that the bag came at the hip when worn across the body. So I thought this was the messenger. Does anyone have both? Which do you prefer - Courier or Messenger?
  4. Which messenger do you mean? It sounds like you tried on the Courier?

    Here's a photo of the Courier
    taken by RealDealCollection

    Besides the Men's Day, there's also the Besace (this name actually refers to 2 styles -- one with a flap over the front and another that's more Hobo looking).
  5. It was flatter than the one in your pic - with a longer strap, more of an a-line shape, and very large. Do you have a Courier? Is it tight or roomy over the body?