Courier...ok, I might be in trouble

  1. So, I have purchased 3 b bags in the last 6 weeks!!:shame:
    And the only part I regret is that I don't have 3 arms to wear them all at one time! :P

    Now, last night I made a total impulse purchase, Ink Hobo, when I've been searching for a Courier........and here it is.....but I'm a little confused. This seller had this listed a few days ago and I know maybe NPB, etc. but with only one pic., do you guys this this might be the real thing? And is this gray or green???? I emailed for more info, so hopefully he/she will answer!
  2. welp, i wouldn't call myself an expert & i'd love to see some more pictures...but i think that's an s/s '06 origan courier like mine :love:
  3. I hope it is authentic. If it is like 'Bama's, it is just beautiful. Way to go and what a great price. I am now completely jealous
  4. aaa: thank you! your bag is GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE IT!!! I really love this colors.....:drool: :drool:
  5. you're welcome sweetie, thanks for the compliment :tender:...and just so you know, i've never seen a fake courier ;)
  6. OH BOY!! I think I'm in SERIOUS TROUBLE :drool: :sweatdrop: . Maybe it would be best that the seller doesn't email me back with more pics and info why it is relisted OR I could just shred my credit card!!!

    Lately, Bal is like a bag DRUG HABIT ;) , it just keeps calling colors, new leathers, spending more money....UGGGGGGG
  7. aaa.
    is your the xl? do you ever find it hard to get to things (too big/black hole)

    I was thinking this would be a great fit for a vacation I'm going on next Wed. to China. And w/my 3 yr old, I will tote a bunch of STUFF on our day trips and thought something that could be worn a few different ways give me the option of going hands free.

    I'm torn, half of me says just take my shrug or day, and take a small backpack. The other half says, get a courier, take shrug or day and be happy. :shrugs:
  8. such a cool bag! does a person wear it like a messenger bag (slung across the body)?
  9. Wow, I was admiring this on eBay earlier! Congrats. I agree with Aaall, it looks like origan to me (deeeee-lish!). I have a black courier and just love it and bought it specifically for travelling with 2 kids! Post pics when you get her!
  10. I was one of the bidders on the first auction on that bag and I received a 2nd chance offer almost immediately after the auction was over. I emailed her to ask if the buyer backed out and never heard back. As much as I want that color, something tells me not to pursue it.
  11. Oh Donna,

    Yeah, something is just stopping me from seems a little strange. Thanks for the info! She has yet to email me back with more pics. and info.
  12. Oops, sorry Emanu. I had a complete brain-fart and thought that you'd already purchased the bag.
  13. ok, this is what the seller emailed me..........what do you guys think???

    hi amanda:
    yes, i had this listed before. the winning bidder decided not to get it, for reasons which i do not know. she had 0 feedback and just didn't pay or respond to my emails, so after emailing with eBay i decided to relist it. the inside is really clean. it was only used a handful of times. right now my carmera is not
    working and i am going out of town for the next 5 days. i am sorry. you have my word it is very clean and abosolutely authentic.
  14. Wow so many sellers whos cameras arent working! Isnt this bag the Dolma color? Thats why I was interested in it. If you look at her supposedly other authentic bags that sold, they went for under $300 and one of them was a you guys think the bag is real just by looking at the one picture? I really like the color.
  15. I think it's real. This seller lives kind of close by me too!
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