Courier In Lilac?

  1. I'm thinking I NEED this bag... (was the courier even made in lilac???)

    Anyone know where any are hiding?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. livethelake- the courier is on my want list!!! I love the bag! I was thinking of getting it in the rouge vif!
  3. Uh oh ... I've got competition :wtf: :lol: ?!!?!?

    I don't believe that the Courier was available in the Lilac color ... only Black, White, Cornflower, Emerald, Rouille and Cognac (at least this is what I was told by the BAL-NYC staff). It was also available in the Toile (Blue/Black Leather) and Black & White Striped Damask.

    I know that our "local" Barneys (Chestnut Hill & Copley) are not getting the Rouge Vif in anything other than the First (stinkers!), so I guess we're stuck "calling around". DRAT :rant: :hysteric:
  4. ^^^UGH! I am so mad... I forgot that you already mentioned that CEE JAY!!! CeeJay- the bearer of bad news!!! LOL:lol: :rant:
  5. It's funny - I don't really do red but I think it would be drop dead gorgeous in a courier.........:love:

    Ok - Ceejay and Zacorey - get shopping!!!
  6. Yeah ... the color would match my zippy Red Buggie (with the Black top) just perfectly!!!! Vrooom, vrooom ...
  7. yummy!
  8. Thanks for the pic esile!!! My favorite color!!!

    Well- back to the lilac- I have not seen the courier in lilac but I'm sure it would be gorgeous!!!
  9. hmmmmmmmmmm, i don't think they made the courier in lilac either, but if it exists, i'm sure it's beautiful :tender:

    p.s. below is a picture of my origan that i got a few months ago
  10. aaa, your origan courier is lovely!

    i don't think a lilac courier exists either.
  11. I am sure the girls are right..I had a quick look at the Cult Status website and they only have the courier in grey black ink and origan. The have a day in lilac but no courier..

  12. awe, thanks sooooooooooooooooo much for lovin' my bag esile, that means alot coming from you :tender:
  13. I LOVE your origan courier too aaalla!:love: Have you used it?
  14. thanks so much zacorey-girl, i'm so happy you gals are lovin' her :tender:...i haven't used her yet since i got her as a "baby bag" (gotta wait for the stork to come a callin' one of these days!!!)
  15. ^^^ you're not going to put baby in the bag- right?:lol: :P