Courier's what's available in the U.S.

  1. Well, I'm on an all out hunt for my Sienna Courier. School's back in session, so I started making my calls today. This is what I came up with in the US for the Courier........

    Jeffrey's NYC ....... beige? (possibly greige) and Caramel/Cognac

    Blake Chicago ...........marron 06

    Susan's Burlingame ............rouge and vert gazon 07

    Amaree's Newport Beach ............emerald 06

    Gretta Luxe...........mahogano 07

    Aloha, emerald 06

    BalNY, Barney's, Neiman's and Saks do not have any Couriers from 07 seasons. BalNY, Barney's and NM's have some 06 bags in stock but I didn't ask since I'm searching for current season bags. I've started scouting europe but it seems these bags are difficult to come by. I'll let you know what I find out soon.
  2. Thanks for the info, cracker! :tup:
  3. Wow my own personal shopper! Thanks so much.
  4. Wow. Thanks for posting!!:tup:

    Unbelievable how hard it is to get a hold of the Courier! It's a shame, it's such a great style....
  5. When did Couriers become so rare?

    I hope they don't discontinue the style.
  6. I love the courier! did they make it in 07 jaune?
  7. I received an email from BalParis HQ that said it has been produced in jaune but I don't know which store bought it. Obviously, none in the U.S. I'd check first with BalParis or Printemps.
  8. the Gretta Luxe is gone: I bought it!!!!
  9. ^^^Congrats Jayge!!!:yahoo: How are you??????????:heart:

  10. woohoo! please post pics when you get it.......I bet it's gorgeous in cinnamon!
  11. I spent quite a bit of time fixated on Bottegas (acquired a few) and now I'm back here, falling hard for the Courier when I went to Gretta Luxe last Saturday. My sense of priorities is truly warped when I think $1195 is a good deal for a handbag (relative to the Bottegas). But I had to have a big bag to lug my stuff while traveling although now I'm afraid to put it on the floor of the plane!!

    See ya....I'll try to post the bag but I've never had any success. It's a very dark brown that looks almost burgundy depending upon the light.
  12. Barneys in Dallas has a courier...sorry, I can't remember the color. It was a dark brown.
  13. Thank you for this info, Cracker! :flowers: