Courier Bag

  1. I purchased a courier from

    I JUST arrived and I love it except that it is the EXTRA COURIER - bigger than the regular sized Courier I was expecting. Luckily they have a great return policy.

    Does anyone know where I can find a regular sized courier?
  2. I saw 2 (violet & black) on e_ auction website :flowers:
  3. Barneys Bevery Hills has several couriers...I believe Greige and White. I saw them on Wednesday. Hope that helps!
  4. Haha, thanks! I actually bought the greige one last week and returned it on Tuesday!
    Thank you thought. I'm looking for a darker color- black, steel, dark blue
  5. Please tell me what is the courier in Bbags????? I haven't seen that one.

  6. This is the EXTRA COURIER (larger than the courier i want), which I just received in the mail today!
  7. This is a great looking shape. Is it called the Courier?? Or by some other name?? I can't find it on the list of style name, number, price, etc. I really like it. Where did you order it?? :okay:
  8. I have that! It's great, but it definitely is big though and even I think so and I'm 5'11''.
  9. The photo I posted is the EXTRA COURIER. There is a smaller size and it's called the COURIER. The Extra COURIER is 1250 and the COURIER is 1195. I ordered it from Barney's New York... but am thinking of either returning this one or selling it as it is too big for me ( I bought it thinking it was the smaller COURIER). has them in Ivory, otherwise they're really hard to find. IT took me forever to track down this black one. Barneys in Beverly Hills has one in ivory and a EXTRA COURIER in a brown/cognac color.
  10. Great! Thanks so much as I have never seen this style before. I am learning so much on this forum and I know you will enjoy it too.