Courier and Extra Courier Owners!!

  1. Hey all those who own the courier and extra courier. I just bought the Extra Courier in Black, and I'm really loving it!:heart: :heart: :heart: I was just wondering if you guys are as scared as me about your things falling out of the bag 'cos the bag sags down when you don't have truck loads of stuff in it. I always make sure I zip it up all the time. What about you guys?
  2. I zip mine up all the time, just 'cos I live in the big city and I'm a klutz!

    Congrats on yours! BTW, whats the size difference between the two?

    I didn;t even know there were two sizes offered!

  3. yayyyss! post modeling pictures! (sorry i can't help you with your question though :smile:)
  4. Pics Please
  5. Share pics of ur new bbag.....:smile:
  6. ^I'm having problems uploading the pictures!!! I did take quite a few though. Anyone can help me??? I can't resize the pictures!! HELP!!