courchevel rouge vif

  1. OK, I found a courchevel rouge vif 35 Birkin at a reseller online (I have been on a hunt for this color ever since I saw uwsgirl's). I am going to see it hopefully on Friday (the SA set it aside for me). Online, it looks like an orange but the SA assured me that it was a beautiful red.. If anybody can lead to me a source where I can see a more accurate color of rouge vig in courchevel, would much appreciate it! (I have a feeling my wallet is going to be much lighter after Friday!) For the avoidance of doubt, this photo is that of the reseller..
  2. courchevel is the leather before epsom so it is quite scratch resistant holds its shape etc. but colours do appear lighter on it and it was discontinued and replaced by epsom due to problems with the lather seperating from the ligning and also due to ists "plasticky" feel ( i never thought so but others). both improved on epsom
  3. I have a lovely Dalvy bag which is quite rare and is in Courchevel Rouge Vif. It looks just like the day it was made, and the red is a pretty soft red in this leather, it is not orange, just clear light red.
    I also have a Birkin in gold courchevel and have absolutely no problems maintaining it, I just use the same polish on it that Claude in Madison Avenue uses and it looks just great.

    So I think this would be a thrillling, divine bag for you, and I say go for it!!
  4. It looks like a beauty. Go for it if you are loving it!!! Don't worry about your wallet. Hee hee
  5. You'll know if it's right for you - and keep us posted!
  6. LILACH, thanks for the information that the color is lighter on the rouge vif -- explains the lighter/orangish look of the bag on screen... Hmmm... I guess it isn't going to look exactly like uwsgirl's rouge vif in chevre (reminds me of the thread you started on how the same color can look different depending on the leather)

    bababebi, glad to hear that your chourchavel rouge vif doing beautifully!

    kellybag, thanks for the encouragement (although frankly, I really don't need any outside encouragement to spend money!!:roflmfao:)
  7. I will -- I pray and hope that I will be able to sneak out during work time to go see the bag....:hrmm:
  8. Oh, I can't wait to hear how you like the bag! Looks gorgeous to me!!! Keep us posted!! SO excited for you!
  9. You are so lucky- rouge vif is my FAVORITE color for a birkin.
  10. Great bag - I hope it all works out for you!
  11. I have a Kelly in courchevel rouge vif. It is a beautiful red, not orange at all and goes with everything. You would not be sorry with this color/leather. Is feels beautiful, and I like it much better than Epsom which I think is much stiffer. The SA's have told me that they like it better too.
  12. OMG, Its such a beautiful colour, unfortunately I'm not sure where you can get a more accurate view of the colour. But I reckon it will still be totally lovely even if there is a slight colour difference.
    Keep us informed! Good luck x
  13. Thanks ladies for your input... I am hoping and praying that I will be able to sneak out of work to go see the bag (it's around a 30 minutes train ride)..... :Push: