Courchevel Leather???

  1. Hi Everyone!! I would like to know your opinions on Courchevel Leather?? I have a friend who's selling a pre-owned Birkin, Rouge VIF, I am not familiar with this leather. Can somebody help me with this?? Is it scratch free, stiff, slouchy??? Thanks!! :confused1:
  2. Stiff, scratch-resistant, good in the rain (unless you walk into hurricane, then no leather is good), comes in bright colors. If it's pre-owned, post pics in the authentication thread above. This is one leather that is EASILY faked. They did a rash of fakes a few years ago that make it into the resale market on occasion.
  3. I heard Hermes discontinued it because it was easy to fake.
    It has a stamped grain as do Epsom and VGL. I don't know if VGL is still available.
    Did you look at the pictures in Hermesgroupie's leather book?
  4. I think it is a lovely leather and have several bags in it. The only downside is that it is a stamped leather so better watch those corners and try to keep the scuffs to a minimum.
  5. I just purchased a Courchevel Kelly on eBay (thanks to tPF authetifiers :smile:) and I love it. The bag is from 1991 and it hides its minimal scratches very well.
  6. Are you familiar with Epsom? In my opinion, Courcheval is most similar to Epsom in "today's" leather book.

  7. You know, Cyn, people say that all the time, but I don't think so. I have no love for the look of epsom in certain colors as it looks very plastic. I don't think courchevel ever looked plastic. I agree that epsom and lisse are in the same fabrication as courchvel, but I don't think that H was as successful with them. It wasn't "broke" so why did they think they needed to "fix" it? I know, I know, something new for the fans...:girlsigh:
  8. I have a Courcheval agenda - one of my first Hermes purchases and very old. It has been mashed by the electrical equipment under my car seat many times and received a lot of abuse. Considering its age, it's in great shape.

    I think Coursheval looks less stamped than Epsom. Veau Graine Lisse was the only leather that I thought looked very plasticky.
  9. OK, I have to agree that Epsom can look plasticky (no offense to any Epsom owners here!). Courcheval had a similar look but a much better hand feel if I remember it correctly--I don't actually own anything in Courcheval, so I am reaching back in my memory banks!
    As far as why H "fixes" things when they ain't broke, that's beyond me, but I totally agree.
  10. i have a courcheval kelly dating from the 80's and it's in great condition. it's very lightweight and i love it!
  11. Courchevel is a better leather than Epsom, IMO. I don't quite like Epsom. When Hermes first came out with this leather, it was so stiff. The texture got a bit softer after a while maybe because of feedback from customers (?).
  12. i read on the forum that courcheval was hard to restore. just wanted to let you weigh that in your decision before you take the plunge.
  13. my courcheval kelly is 10 years old now, but still looks pristine! I admit it's not a bag I use everyday but the leather is holding up wonderfully. it is quite stiff, but has softened up nicely over the years and doesn't scratch very easily.
  14. Well, this is true of any leather once the grain is worn away. And that usually happens at the corners.
  15. ITA! I love Courchevel, while I don't like Epsom....also I find Courchevel shiny, which Epsom isn't, and that for me is another point in favour of C. I have a Kelly from 1991 and a Birkin from 1997 in C. and I really love how they have aged!