Coupons today!!! Sept 18

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  1. I just called my outlet and they are handing them out at the door today! Start your engines...:graucho:
  2. I'm sure they probably won't be handing them out a Tanger Outlets though, because of the BCA 25% off coupon. It would be totally awesome if they did though...could you imagine getting a fp delete for 30% plus 20% off plus 25% off!?!?! *Sigh* I can only dream :smile:
  3. I know what you mean... I believe they don't do double coupons... Can't remember accurately, but I think I asked the last time we had the BCA coupons at Premium and they said no...
  4. Last year they only allowed u to use one or the other
  5. I have no outlet within 600 miles :sad:
  6. FINALLY!! Something for us Coachies who don't have a Tanger outlet nearby. Too bad it's pouring rain here. I'm not motivated to go anywhere beyond a 5-mile radius from home in this weather :sad:
  7. You need to get a poncho, an umbrella, and some water boots and go, baby! This is no time to wimp out!!!;)
  8. LOL DEDICATION!!! :biguns:

  9. lmao
  10. If they give them out on Saturday, do they usually give them on Sunday too? TIA!
  11. That is just about right. I went to the outlet LAST weekend when there was no coupon. And it is a 3hr drive for me so no PA either. Bummer.
  12. Well, I braved the Florida sunshine and the 85 degree temperature and got me a Large Kristin Satchel in blue. She was $195 + tax... but I am keeping her with tags because a little birdie told me that deletes are on their way to the outlet on Monday or Tuesday... I will call my source tomorrow and get more info. Can't wait!
  13. I got a Parchment Hailey for $166.

  14. Spill it! Now I have to know which new deletes will be there!:nuts:
  15. Yes, tell us!!!! :graucho: How about a hint even? ;)

    ETA: sooooo, more info tomorrow eh?