1. I am trying to find a promotion code for a "Aaneta" handbag I love.Apparently it was promoted in "" ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. It's 25% Discount.

  2. Was it in the September or October magazine. Also, which Aaneta handbag is it?
  3. :wlae:Thanks for responding, it was the"Rock Large" bag. It's actually advertised on her website the coupon that is so I don't know the issue it's from. I actually found the site on "Deals and steals by squidoo"
  4. I am still trying to find the code, does anyone know it???
  5. There is a code in this months Lucky for the aaneta Sandy bag. The code is lucky1. It's for 25% off.

    Maybe that will work?
  6. :tup:Thank you sooooooooooooo much. I'll try.
  7. I just tried "lucky1" but it would only do that handbag. Apparently there is another code for the rest, at 25% off. I would love one of their bags I just can't stand to apy full Price.:cursing: