Coupon for Kooba Paige?

  1. My wife likes Kooba Paige and I wanted to get that for her on her Birthday. I found out that there are only a few shops who carry Kooba -

    Nieman Marcus

    Does anyone have a code to any of the above stores I can use to get a deal?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Check for a list of current codes and various stores. Also check for current stores/codes.
  3. Free s/h at Neiman's with SEPT06

    Saks - SHOPFALL FOR 10% UNTIL 10/31 AND SHOEBAG TIL 10/2
  4. coupon code " stylebakery" for, $20 off $100 purchase, also free shipping for over $100 purchase.
  5. you can get Kooba from with free shipping, no discount though
    i believe jcmadison also got Kooba as well.....
  6. Revolve Clothing gives 30% off your first purchase with them, but you might have to call and place your order, because I don't remember how to sign up to receive the coupon code.

    Good luck!
  7. ^ Yes, 30% off for the first order, but i thought Kooba and some other brands are not included.....I could be wrong.
  8. Oh, I'm not sure.
  9. You can also order Kooba bags directly from They have the Paige and the Embossed Python Paige. They even have a sale section with bags 40% off.