Coupon for $10 off any Victoria's Secret order

  1. Hi all! I got a coupon from Victoria's Secret that I'm not going to use, so I hope one of you lovely ladies will make use of it. ;)

    It is for $10 off any order, valid through the end of February.

    Catalogue/ Online Offer code: SP810993
    Certificate number: 472887816

    I'm assuming that it can only be used once so good luck!

  2. Thanks soooo much for the coupon. I had just placed an on-line order about an hour prior to your post. Called Victoria Secret and they let me use your coupon even though I had already placed the order. I asked if the coupon could be used multiple times but was told it was a one-time only coupon. My order was already on sale, so with your $10 coupon I got an even greater deal. Thanks again!
  3. You're welcome! Glad you could use it. :smile: