Coupon Code for Kooba Sienna Needed

  1. Hello. I'm desperate to get my hands on a Kooba Sienna and am wondering if anyone knows of any coupon codes for any sites selling them. I greatly appreciate any help! Thanks!
  2. You can get 30% off at Karizma Boutique... There are only a few colors of the Sienna offered though. Register and use code Member30%. Enjoy!
  3. That it such a good deal! Thanks! I wonder if the cream would get dirty really easily though. Anyone have any ideas? Also, my first color choice would be some shade of brown. Anyone know where I could get a brown Sienna for a deal? Thanks!!
  4. Cream is fantastic. Ivory is very light but cream is gorgeous!
    I have it in scarlett and it's a winner! If you can get a cream one for a deal - go for it!
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